Small Engines for Models and Special Use
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These are various items available for download. You can find manuals, instruction sheets, and other RC related documents here. These documents are posted here for the benefit of hobbyists world wide. Copyrights belong to the original manufacturer.

Engine Manuals


Aerrow Quadra Q35, Q40, Q50, Q65, Q80 (PDF) 3.2MB


Enya 35,40-4C (PDF) 1.5MB
Enya 41-4C (PDF) 1.4MB
Enya 46-4C (PDF) 1.7MB
Enya 46-4C Gasket Template (PDF) 47kB
Enya 53-4C (PDF) 1.7MB
Enya 60-4C (PDF) 1.3MB


G-Mark .03 R/C U/C (PDF) 1.3MB

OS Engines

OS 40 SF, SF-ABC (PDF) 1.34MB
OS FP-10, 15, 25, 35, 40 (PDF) 3.2MB
OS FS-48 Surpass (PDF) 1.82MB
OS FS-70 Surpass (PDF)1.02MB
OS FS-91 Surpass PDF)1.02MB
OS FS-120 Surpass with pump (PDF).95Mb


Rossi General Manual & Part List, ~1993 (PDF)2.7Mb
Rossi 90 RV RC Marine (PDF)1.7Mb

General Engine Information

Four Stroke Crankshaft and Exhaust Thread Reference (PDF) 39KB

Miscellaneous Manuals

Ace 4-60 Assembly Manual (PDF) 3.0MB
JR X-347 Radio System Manual (PDF) 10.9MB

Copyright 2006- G.Kamysz